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It is heartbreaking to think about our resident cats and some of the horrors they have endured. Many of them would have met their demise through euthanasia had the Hermitage not understood their value. We want to provide safe and loving homes for these cats. Help us rebuild so that we can continue this important work.

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 12.28.10 PM Bastian & Bijoux

In January, 14 kittens and cats (Caribbean Cats) were abandoned at the Hermitage. They were suffering from upper respiratory illnesses, runny eyes, malnutrition and parasites. Five of these kitties are positive for FIV (feline immuno-deficiency virus); three more are “double positives”, and carry both FIV and FeLV (feline leukemia virus).

The ongoing costs of caring for these kitties, and the space required to house them until they find their forever families is taxing. These kittens lack socialization and need human interaction which is costly. The Hermitage will provide them love, warmth and shelter until they find their forever homes. GOOD NEWS! Two “graduated” from “kitty socialization school” and found loving adoptive homes.


When Wynona came to us she required significant medical intervention. She suffers from a condition making her chronically incontinent. Soon, after her 1st birthday, she’ll see specialists who will determine a course of permanent treatment for her to make her life better.

With help from loving donors we are able to re-build our shelter, add an on-site medical suite and create more efficient use of space so that we can rescue and help more just like Winona from the municipal shelter and provide sanctuary until we find their forever families.