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Sponsorship Opportunities

The Hermitage No-Kill Cat Shelter advocates for animal rights and the end of needless euthanasia of at-risk felines through protection, education, adoption and sanctuary. By offering education programs to children and adults we are able to raise awareness to our mission. Knowledge is power and allows the community to be better equipped to help our feline friends. Programs such as Meows for Military and Snuggles for Seniors allow the cats to provide therapy to those in need along with the socialization time needed to create excellent companions and family members out of the kitties. Other programs like Food for People’s Pets provide food for low income pet owners who may have fallen on hard times. Our Trap Neuter Release program help create healthier neighborhoods by way of population control, chipping and vaccinations. All of these programs and services are possible because of funding from sponsorships like yours.

Your collaboration helps The Hermitage continue to offer these programs and strengthen our community connection. In addition to raising awareness about our programs we also are able to source adopters for our feline friends. Funding also helps us provide a loving, happy and healthy sanctuary for the kitties until they find their forever home.

In addition to funding community outreach opportunities your sponsorship can help with offsetting the costs associated with the health and wellness of the cats at the shelter. For example, The Hermitage spends $43,500 annually for food and litter; $8,800 annually for bills associated with the wellness of the cats with special needs as part of our Lease for Life program; $214,000 annually to operate our Medical Suite. Included in these costs are: $8,000 annually for rabies vaccinations for all intakes; $3,500 annually for microchipping; and $1200 annually for food and medications for our diabetic cats.

In recognition of your generosity, we would include your company’s logo and/or name on a variety of promotional materials. This includes brochures, flyers, and social media just to name a few. The use of these promotional items not only strengthens the awareness of our programs but also promotes your company’s philanthropic commitment to the animal welfare community.

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For more information on our Community Outreach Programs, click here!

For more information on Corporate Sponsorships, please contact Allyson Israel at [email protected] or by phone at (520) 589-2736