Cans for Cats

Help the planet and our cats at the same time! Give us your crushed, clean aluminum beverage cans or cleaned, label-less aluminum cat food cans.

There are two large corrals by our outside sheds, near our medical door, for you to place your bagged cans. The cans can be in plastic or paper bags. The recycling facility accepts aluminum beverage cans and cat food cans, not steel cans (most dog food and soup cans are steel cans). The different metals must be separated, as well as cleaned and have their labels removed. Crushing the cans means we can get more of them into our truck and cuts down on the number of trips. And making sure the cans are completely empty means we won’t be attracting yellow jackets and bees to our storage area. The cans can be left any time the outer gates are open, even if the shelter is closed.

This is a great project for young children, teaching good use of natural resources, kindness to animals, responsibility, and that even small efforts can mean a lot.

We appreciate your generous support!