Other Shelters


Below is a list of other No-Kill Shelters and Foster Services in Pima County:

Pawsitively Cats (No-Kill Cat Shelter)
Phone: (520) 289-2747
Website: www.pawsitivelycats.org
Email: savecats@PAWSitivelyCATS.org
Facebook: PAWSitivelyCats

HOPE (No-Kill Cat/Dog Shelter)
Phone: (520) 792-9200
Website: www.hopeanimalshelter.net
Email: info@hopeanimalshelter.net
Facebook: HOPEAnimalShelterTucsonAZ

SAFE (Foster Only Group)
Phone: (520) 349-8637
Website: www.safeanimals.com
Email: staff@safeanimals.com
Facebook: Saving-Animals-From-Euthanasia

FAIR – Foundation for Animals in Risk (Foster Only Group)
Phone: (520) 722-3553
Website: www.faircares.org
Email: info@faircares.org
Facebook: Foundation-for-Animals-In-Risk

SARA – Saving At Risk Animals (Foster Only Group)
Phone: (520) 499-0546
Email: rescuesara@earthlink.net
Facebook: SavingAtRiskAnimals

Tucson 2 Tails (Foster Only Group)
Phone: (520) 812-5682
Website: www.tucson2tails.org
Email: tucson2tails@gmail.com
Facebook: T2T

Mesquite Valley Sanctuary (Take in Pregnant Cats or Mom’s with babies)
Phone: (520) 721-8600 ask for Cathy or Jodie Y.

Hearts That Purr (Cats abandoned due to owner death, illness or incapacitation)
Phone: (520) 297-3780

Humane Society of Southern AZ (Lost cats, no ferals)
Phone: (520) 327-6088

Pima Animal Control (Lost cats; rescues/adoptions)
Phone: (520) 724-5900

Tucson Cares (Trap Depot/TNR)
Phone: (520) 990-8912

Animal Cruelty Taskforce (Report Cruelty/Investigative help)
Website: www.act-az.org

We do not take feral cats; their best option is TNR. We have traps, and they can be borrowed for $40, which will be returned to you when you return the trap. The Humane Society does free spay and neuter for ferals/strays.